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Reply needed

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    urgent reply needed

    Can we use partial means as a predictor for the response while fitting a regression line or curve?.
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    Re: urgent reply needed

    Hey bhartish and welcome to the forums.

    What is a partial mean? Is this just a mean of a subset of your actual data? I've never come across this term before.
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    Re: urgent reply needed

    It's used in econometrics and involves the weighted averages of derivatives of regression functions. They're defined in section 2.2 of the link.

    http://www.economics.harvard.edu/faculty/imbens/files/ir.pdf [Broken]

    The answer to the OPs question seems to be yes, where it's appropriate.
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    Re: urgent reply needed

    BTW, "urgent" and "needed" along with "ASAP" are bound to get your posts ignored. There are plenty of smart folks here that will help you, but they'll be turned off if you wait until the last minute and then demand help. If you are in need, post your questions early so members can help you, and you can get clarification along the way. Just a suggestion.
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    Re: urgent reply needed

    Yes. Ditto for exclamation marks !!!!
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