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Reporting animal abuse

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    I have this neighbor who keeps his two dogs outside within a cage that is about the dimensions of a shed - all year for the past few years. He has moved to another location , every once in a while he checks up on them it seems , again he has been doing this for a couple of years. The cage is located at the corner of the brick wall perimeter enclosing the suburb , the dogs have no perspective of anything and certainly no interplay with things that are living. Again the dogs are outside all year and spend their lives in a corner where they do not even have anything to bark at - is this animal abuse of some sort in the sense that there are grounds for it to be reported?
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    SPCA is one possibility, but some local governments have animal protection groups in the police department.
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    It's definitely abuse, even if there's no overt physical cruelty. Report it to somebody, but I don't know who since your legal system is unfamiliar to me. As long as there's food and water, the circumstances might be okay for cats, but dogs need a chance to run around once in a while, and to interact with their Alpha. I readily admit that I don't like dogs, but even I don't want to see one in distress.
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    There should be a phone number to call in your local area, oh and make sure to keep calling if they don't come (bureaucracy you know). God the actual like name of division or part of the local government that takes care of this stuff is eluding me this morning. Animal welfare maybe?
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    Dogs should be allowed out of any enclosure for exercise once a day, and that enclosure should provide shelter from the elements. Does it have a roof? Shade? A dog house to get out of the wind or cold? Are the dogs given fresh water daily? Food daily? If not, it is abuse/neglect. Checking in on them once in a while is not good care.

    Who lives in the house that the dogs stay there, and are the people living in the house supposed to be responsible for them?

    In some areas, the Humane Society will investigate such complaints, in others the ASPCA, and in others, it's up to the county or city animal control officers or police. I'd suggest starting with the Humane Society if there is one in your area, just because if they have the authority to check it out, it's more likely that they will find homes for the dogs if they have to rescue them than if the police take them. If they can't do anything, they should at least know who can and who to call. If it comes down to calling the police, call the non-emergency line. They can still dispatch officers to the house to investigate, but will take more time to listen to what's going on and refer you to the right agency if it isn't something the police handle.
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    It is merely a boxed cage about the same size of a shed , the sole way to not get rained on is by going into the dog house. The answer is no to all of the other questions.

    They have moved to another location a couple of years ago.

    We have a Humane Society close by , so I am probably going to refer to them.
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