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Reports startegy!

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    Hey! i have a physics lab report to be presented tomorrow
    i have all the infos i need but i don't have any strategy to follow in my report
    so can u please help me ?!
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    By strategy do you mean a layout??

    This is what I do:

    1. Cover page with your Department and subject name at the top, followed by the name of the experiment, your name, your contact details, your lab partner, the date of the experiment, and the date of submission. I also include the abstract on that same page.
    2. An introduction page with the aim, equipment list (in a table), experimental procedure (with pictures of the setup) and possible error source as a sub-heading of experimental procedure. If there are various sections then I also put them as sub-headings to make it clearer.
    3. Data section with all your relevant tables and graphs.
    4. Calculations of important values and also the uncertainty calculations.
    5. Results section, which is just a table summarising the important results of the lab and their comparison with the theoretical values.
    6. Discussion that covers important results, comparison with theoretical values, uncertainty analysis and uncertainty budget and the applications of that topic the experiment was based on.

    I don't have a conclusion because the abstract is pretty much like a conclusion since it sums up what you did in the experiment and your important results.
    Anyway that's just what I do for my lab reports.
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    Bribe the TA ? :rofl:
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