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Representing the little guy.

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    This points out how our government usually just ignores the interest of the little guy. Luckily, in this uplifting story, we see that the small, usually ignored tomato and sodium lobbies are finally having their interests looked after. Too long have they be discriminated against in the recommendations of nutritionists. Sometimes, the system does work...


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    Yeah, John Stewart had a piece on this last night. Disgusting.
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    Well, just playing Devil's Advocate, is there anything about pizza sauce that should exclude it from being counted (nutritionally speaking) as a vegetable? Not that "sauce" is a vegetable, but if it contains one serving of vegetables then it seems fair to me.

    Also, the article only says "tomato paste" is counted. From the article provided:
    However, in the US, tomato paste does not usually contain salt (granted there is a provision allowing for it):
    (Source: http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/cfr_2010/aprqtr/pdf/21cfr155.191.pdf)

    Further, as to the point that healthier foods are more expensive and therefore cost prohibitive, I tend to disagree, but if you accept that as a fact, then isn't that sufficient reason not to include them in school lunches? As it is a "school lunch" is ridiculously subsidized. I ate my share of them all the way from elementary school to high school. We always had access to a calendar that told us what would be available to eat each day and were never "surprised" by french fries or pizzas. On rare occasions I would ask my mom for a sandwich in lieu of "mystery meat" day... or my mom might step in and provide snacks or an apple to supplement my meal.

    I think it's really too much to ask our school cafeterias to take over the role of nutritional counsel for the children AND parents of America.
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