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Reproduction Factor

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    why does eta(Reproduction Factor) fall down when we change fuel leg from maximum level of yield?
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    I don't quite follow the question, specifically the part "when we change fuel leg from maximum level of yield". Please elaborate on this statement.

    η = Ʃi (vi Ʃf,i) / Ʃa, where Ʃa is the weighted sum of the macroscopic absorption cross-section of the fuel material mixture. The index i refers to the fissile (and fertile) species. Fertile nuclides fission mainly with fast neutrons.

    There are neutron energy spectral effects and temperature effects. If v (nu) increases, the fission cross-section decreases and the absorption increases (due to increased resonance absorption). One has to look at the fissile and fertile species, as well as other materials and coolant.
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    thanks alot for ur good respond to my question.ur suggetion is right and I try to solve my problem in asking questions.
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