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Reproductive cloning disturbed by interferences

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    I wanted to ask the following questions about genetic engineering :

    1) is reproductive cloning disturbed by interferences between the introduced nuclear DNA and the already present mitchondrial DNA ?

    2) Do you know if test of chromosomial hybrid of animals were done : like putting some chromosoms of several species in order to get the right number depending on the receiving oocyte ?

    3) Since it is/was the witch-chase about clone-maker, do you know what happen if clones (supposedly artificial made) by genetical modification of the sexual chromosom Y could reproduce themselves in a more natural way ?
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    question 1, hmm sort of. Nothing new yet.

    question 2 and 3 please clarify
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    Clone opposition to sexual normal point of view

    Science-fiction :

    let say in 2525, cloning for reproductive goal, and gene engineering would be dominated by human scientists, such that, you could take your somatic DNA (let say to stay not gross : skin cell for example)...you make a first clone of you into an egg of a 1st woman....then you genetically modify the sexual genes X or Y (science fiction we remind) to make from you the opposite sex body (up to now there exist only 2 sexes : male and female, but this could change into less or more (science-fiction))...

    So you have now 2 eggs of 2 women with 2 DNA codes from you : 1 the same, the other the same but with opposite sex...you let those 2 ovocyte/eggs now artificially feconed into both holding-mother...so that you get 2 clones of you...a male and a female...but those are you (not exactly), so can they have sex together (I mean here sexual relationships) and have children.(It's kind of : do you like/love yourself extended into the biological reality, if you see what I mean)

    For remembrance, mule (animal) is an (i suppose human forced/made) hybrid between a horse and a donkey...note that mule normally cannot reproduce, and that normally, the male in this hybrid is the donkey, because the other way round is painful (sick (?) supposately)...

    I didn't know you would need those details, I thougt it was self-explaining.

    Thank you for your interest...should we make a poll ?
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