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News Republicans flip-flopping on their position about Kerry.

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    You'll often hear Republicans say that Kerry flip-flops, that he tries to be on both sides of every issue, wants to please everyone etc. You'll also hear Republicans accusing Kerry of being waaaaaaaaaaaay too liberal, and infact, he was voted most liberal member of the Senate by some group.

    If you're the most liberal in terms of your senate voting record, than that means you took liberal stances more often than anyone else, more often than Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton, right? And if you're just an extreme liberal in general, that must mean that you take more liberal stances on more issues, more often than anyone else, or at least more often than most Americans people, right?

    So to get the title of "most liberal", or "extreme liberal", it would seem that someone would need to have a pretty consistant and extreme liberal character and convictions, right?

    Here's where I get lost:

    Republicans will tell you ad-nauseum that Kerry is too liberal to be President, more liberal than average americans etc. However, they also want you to believe that Kerry is a flip-flopper, and that he has no real moral core, will do whatever is popular etc.

    If anyone else's brain is near exploding, you're not alone.

    How on earth can someone be the most liberal member of the senate, have liberal convictions that are waaaaaay more extreme than your average American, and simeltaneously be on both sides of every issue and have no moral core?
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    Are you talking about the same group of Republicans?
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    Peace of cake, wasteofo2 - Kerry doesn't really flip-flop (imo) or have no opinions, he just plays all sides at the same time. By speaking against the war on terror spending bill (for example), then voting in favor of it, it can truly be said that he voted conservatively while thinking liberally.
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    Yes I am indeed. I doubt you'll be able to listen to one broadcast of Sean Hannity's or Rush Limbaugh's show without hearing both accusations thrown at Kerry. And forget about pundits, the Bush campaign for re-election has used both attacks on Kerry repetitively.
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    It goes without saying that Kerry can't be both the things that he's been accused of by the Bush campaign. I'm a bit confused by your reasoning, do you think that Kerry is neither a flip-flopper or an extreme liberal?
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    Maybe in one instance they are talking about his voting record, and in the other instance they are talking about his personal beliefs. I guess you just have to ask them.
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