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Request a physics/Astronomy Textbook Listing

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    I'm not really trying to complain, I'm just wondering if any mods actually check the Request a physics/Astronomy Textbook Listing thread. There are suggestions there from August! I think it would be nice to have the textbook listings updated every couple weeks or so.

    I also have a suggestion (that's probably been said a dozen times already). Would it be possible to sort these books by topic? Even though the subject is listed on the left of the thread, it's not possible to only search through listings for one particular topic.
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    I have no idea how available those requested books are, but maybe I can help with the second question:

    You can filter the forums by prefix, both in the forum view (lower left corner) and the search function.
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    I've never actually scrolled to the bottom of a thread list for the entire year I've been here. Thanks, that helps a lot.

    What do you mean when you mention the availability of the requested books? Amazon has pretty much any book you can think of.
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    There should be a nice update to the requests in two weeks
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