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Request for opinion

  1. Jul 31, 2004 #1
    I am told by dw (aka david waite) that there are people here who have posted a comment stating how they love his website, which is at


    and that they have told dw how "excellant" it is. Actually to be precise dw tells us that
    I'm curious who these "other" people are and I'm curious as to what you find excellant about it. The reason I want to know is that the people I've talked to in private have a very low opinion of it and I'd like to know why the big difference if there indeed is a real difference and not one that has been created in the mind of dw.

    Thank you for your opinion.


    ps - In'm not interested in the opinion of GRCQ which is dw's alter ego.
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    Don't lie. I am DW, not GRCQ etc. Agreeing with me against you does not make people me. This thread you started is an off topic troll for a fight. Moderators, please do something about this guy!
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    For Christ's sake, you two, grow up or we're going to separate you and instate a 12-inch rule.

    Really, if you guys are going to continue to have this much personal drama, please keep it to PMs and emails. We really don't need it on this forum.

    - Warren
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