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Requirements for making it to MIT

  1. Jan 28, 2005 #1
    well i am just first year student and i wanna do Phd in cse from the very best inst. so i wanna ask how much cpi does it is required to make it to colleges like Mit and i just wanna get hint of sincerity one should have to reach there,,,thx
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  3. Jan 29, 2005 #2

    CSE? CPI?
  4. Jan 29, 2005 #3
    hehe, I love trying to figure out other countries systems.

    I'll venture a guess and see if i win a prize:
    - CSE - Chemical Structural Engineering?
    - CPI - Cumulative Point Index?
  5. Jan 29, 2005 #4

    If thats the case, to get into MIT as an undergrad you're gonna need a perfect high school (secondary school, not usre what it would be called where you are) record more or less.
  6. Jan 29, 2005 #5
    Or maby CSE = Computer Science & Engineering?
  7. Jan 29, 2005 #6
    yeppy Cpi is right but CSE i meant to be Computer Science & Engineering...well any nice suggestions ....thx
  8. Jan 29, 2005 #7
    Let me start by correcting the typo in my previous post: maby = maybe... :grumpy:

    If you want to go to MIT, you've got to show them that you have passion. Sure, taking the toughest courseload your school offers and getting high grades are important, but the majority of MIT's applicants have all that. So you have to differentiate yourself from the rest and show the admission officers that you'll do well if you got in. The way to do this is to demonstrate to them that you're passionate about what you do. How? I'll leave that to you. :smile:
  9. Jan 29, 2005 #8
    Darn CS&E.
    Heh, thx.

    Yeah I'd suppose that everyone trying for MIT would be v.smart and have top grades. You need to show these people something that sets you apart.
  10. Jan 30, 2005 #9
    sets apart....ahhh if a guy didn't do well in his acads. may be becoz of some reason....but he has got a passion for his studies..are they gonna take him..
  11. Jan 30, 2005 #10
    I'd recomend you apply anyway, you have nothing to lose. What they mean by setting yourself apart is doing something very noteworthy outside of school, like good research, starting a business, getting a patent, etc etc.
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