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Research Advice for a Chemical Engineer

  1. Aug 18, 2011 #1
    Is there anyway I can satisfy my thirst for discovering something about nature (anything as long as it raw origins from nature, a fluid counts; regardless of its real-world applications) by researching or pursuing a phd in ChemE for instance integrating it with its 'physics-based' roots. It could be a natural phenomenon, behaviour, phase , you name something from ChemE.
    Statistical Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics, etc are topics both physics graduates and chemical engineers pursue. Correct me if Im wrong.
    Also please suggest any other interesting grey areas between ChemE and Natural Science that could be a reasonable target for an industry (oil perhaps).
    Does anyone here have any advice for someone aiming for a phd in ChemE.
    Im a sophmore and am willing to work my brains out if ChemE can provide this dose of satisfaction for me.
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