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Research Assistant Position

  1. Feb 15, 2007 #1
    I just got a research position and now I've got to decide what to study. I will be working on experiments from SLAC and particularly, the BaBAR experiment. There is so much interesting stuff in the field though, and now I have to make a choice on what I specifically want to study. I don't really have any deep knowledge of this stuff so it's hard for me to make an educated decision. I'll write my choices and you guys can suggest what would be good for a 2 year time frame, at the end of which I plan to publish a paper (hopefully) on whatever subject. Oh, and I'm a sophmore Physics major.

    Generally, there are two categories: searching for a new particle ( and probably writing about how I didn't find it) or measuring existing phenomenon. Specifically, what is most promising out of CP violation, search for a new particle, measurement of a unitarity triangle angle (what is this?), measurement of an important branching fraction (what's a branching fraction?), search for D0-D0bar mixing (what's this), search for a rare decay, etc.
    Finally, I should think about whether you are primarily interested in
    charm decays, B meson decays, tau decays, etc.

    Help me decide on what I should do. I'm pretty new to all this. Any help would be appreciated.
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