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Research Assistantship Info for International Students

  1. Jul 7, 2011 #1

    I am currently doing a bachelor's degree in Engineering abroad, and seriously considering doing post-graduate studies in the USA.

    Now it would be a great help to get some kind of financial aid since I will be paying international fess. However, most of financial aids are only offered to citizens and permanent residents, so I really have trouble finding one that works for me.

    I did some talk with people and one of them suggested about doing a Research Assistantship. I tried to look at information on Research Assistantships on the website of the universities I'm interested in, but cannot figure out how to apply for one.
    How do apply for one? Should I contact the professors directly?

    Apologies that it might be a little unfitting to ask for help here,
    any advice would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks
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