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Research for Good Causes

  1. Oct 29, 2014 #1

    Does anyone know if any companies working for good causes (water filters, disease control, agricultural improvements) in undeveloped countries have paid internships for the summer (if not paid, at least room and board). Actually I'll even take good unpaid internship opportunities. I'd just like to do some sort of actual research/analytic type work.

    I'm a junior in college right now. My work experience is all in academia. TAing Calculus, tutoring for the college. I work in a exp. condensed matter lab- I've done a physics REU and a math REU.

    I'm a physics and math major- skills are coding (web development(css,js), python, igor pro, haskell), machining, electronics.

    When I google "research for good causes", not much comes up. Same for "internship for good causes".

    I could get a position in some NGO/governmental agency, but it will unlikely use the skills that I have...

    Any information about past experience/ organizations would be extremely helpful!
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    When you search, be more specific. "Good causes" is too broad. Try searching for water filter companies etc and contact them personally.
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    I agree with Greg. "Good causes" is far too broad. One could argue that just about everyone who is doing research sees what they are doing as a good cause - in academia anyway.

    Perhaps you could look up "Engineers Without Boarders."
  5. Nov 4, 2014 #4
    Actually, most engineers fall into this category.

    (Sorry Choppy, couldn't resist! :) )
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    If you're curious about water filtration, look at the American Water-Works Association. They have programs such as Water for the People and Sustainable water resource management that may interest you.
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    Unless they've been boarded or run a rooming house.:D
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