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Research for hydrogen technology

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    What companies have the most money invested into hydrogen technology or are doing the most research on it? Does anyone really know?
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    I suspect the answer is rather hard to come by, but it's evident that all the big oil companies are investing heavily into renewables. If renewables are to power the world in years to come, it's only natural that the current fuel suppliers want to be part of it.

    Anyway, I'm really bored, so I chose to have a quick look at BP (since they're so keen to point out that BP now stands for Beyond Petroleum), and found a few snippets:

    According to BP's own website, BP is spending and investing more than US$500 million over 3 years in the development of solar, wind and hydrogen. I can't quite find out exactly which 3 years those are! BP also claims to currently produce 1300 tonnes of high-grade hydrogen daily, and three times this amount at a lower grade. Admittedly, this pales in comparison with their daily production of other fuels, but I suppose they only make what they've got demand for and can't rely on supplier push to increase market demand.

    World Petroleum.org says "BP’s spending alone on hydrogen technologies is put at $100 million a year".
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    Ivan Seeking

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