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Research Help Please -- "Ziemlich Frech : Einstein versus Nernst"

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    I am writing an essay on "Ziemlich Frech : Einstein versus Nernst".
    I can find very little information on this topic anywhere. I've searched the library and the internet and don't have anything certain yet.
    So far I'm at a stage where I believe it could be about Einstein Solids. I know that Nernst was very interested on Einstein's paper on specific heat capacity.
    Also I realise it could be something to do with the Nernst-Einstein relation to do with diffusivity. I'm really struggling to find something that makes me certain of what it is. Especially when I am getting different translations for "Ziemlich Frech", none of which seem related to Thermodynamics which I feel is what it should be related to.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Let the library find you a copy of Abraham Pais: Subtle is the lord. The science and the life of Albert Einstein. Oxford University Press.
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