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Other Research opportunities in theoretical/mathematical physics for math undergrad major?

  1. May 18, 2018 at 4:54 AM #1
    So I am about to switch to mathematics, as I absolutely adore pure mathematics as well as applied mathematics and I cannot stand learning mathematics without going deep into rigor of it for now(I am aware however that at times one just has to quickly learn sth to proceed with a project). But in the end I really wish to go into mathematical physics or theoretical physics.

    As I have studied physics, I have realized that one can get research experience quite easilly. Mostly it takes one to just ask a professor to do some real research to learn scientific research, if not in the first year then in the second. Now most such research is experimental, but it is valuable experience with which one can get theoretical physics internships more easilly in the following years.

    I was wondering if a mathematics major can also just ask a professor for any undergrad research project that would be more on the theoretical physics side. I have a lot of experience in programming as well, so I would be able to program a simulation for example. What would be an example for such undergrad research?

    P.S. How do mathematics majors gain research experience in general? Another huge reason to switching to math is that I might even do pure math research or CS for example, to have more realistic opportunities for academia.
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