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Homework Help: Research paper

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    I have to write a paper with a friend on displacment vectors of Chess peices but I don't really know where to start...can anyone help...I've done all the research
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    Andrew Mason

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    A vector has to have a magnitude and a direction. In order to express the direction, you have to use a reference frame. What would be the axes of this reference frame and what are the units of measurement? Then you have to work out what the allowable displacements are in terms of vector coordinates.

    What would be the displacement vectors associated with a pawn? Would (-1,0) be one? How about (0,1)? or (-1, 1)?

    A knight: (1,2)? (2, 1)? (-2,1)? (-1,-2)?

    Queen? (5,5)? (6,0)? (1,3)?

    You get the idea.

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    Chi Meson

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    Another hint (for high school physics). Remember the pythagorean theorem? Remember "Soh Cah Toa"? Think "right triangles."
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