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  1. Aug 31, 2016 #1
    I'm currently writing a paper on the Multiverse. I do have a theory of my own and have made the outline and started working on it. However, the language seems to unscientific, in the sense, its not very objective and crisp. How do i improve the quality of language and content of the paper.

    Any tips on how a good paper should be?
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    What you want is not a language which is scientific, what you really need is the content to be scientific. The scientific language will come as part of the process, and is something you would know if you have done your research. You would know what language the researchers use.

    Try to make sure you know the assumptions of your theory, and be very systematic. Since your topic is the multiverse I would expect your paper to be theoretical in nature and your theory sufficiently mathematical. But I assume you are just starting.

    Again, do good research, a good paper has plenty of references. Citing adds value to a paper.
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    How many references have you consulted on multiverse theory? You should try to mimic the language of the relevant references as much as possible.
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    A paper should be deeply scrutizined and criticized before even sending it to a publishing journal. This criticism should come from colleagues who are also experts in the field. The paper should be as concise as possible, but should not leave out important details. It's a crucial balance that you learn by practice and reading a lot, also peer criticism will help there. The paper should be a logical whole and should indicate what is new and what is not new, and it should indicate what remains to be investigated. The paper should be on the level of experts in the field, so should not waste a lot of time on background that will be familiar to most.
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    Practice. With feedback from people who have experience in writing good papers.
    This applies pretty much at any level.

    It might help if you give us an idea of what level you're at. It this a high school report? Are you a graduate student, struggling to get feedback from your supervisor?
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