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Research resources for essay

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    I am writing an essay entitled "popularization of science in the media - friend or foe to science?" as an assignment.

    I would be grateful for recommendations of online resources that would help me on this, ie. are there groups that have done surveys and studies on topics such as: how does the general public perceive science and scientists. How does the general public respond to popular science shows such as "Horizon". Are there good review websites that I could get info about shows such as "Cosmos" and "the ascent of man" for example.

    Another point I heard is that since Brian Cox has been making popular physics documentaries there has been an increase in people applying to study physics at third level in the UK... so this is the kind of info/ survey stuff I'm looking for.

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    please also note, I intend to address the false hope that science in the media can sometimes create. ie ofter hear of developments towards nuclear fusion which led to the cynical line "nuclear fusion is 20 years away, it always has been and always will be.". Similarly for cures for cancer - occasionaly see popular articles suggesting that cancer cures may be close.

    In a similar vain, the neutrino results from CERN I think have caused lots of unnecessary hype...

    Any resources that may cover what I have outlined above are greatly appreciated ie. those articles of popular science that create false hope or unnecessary hype
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    I'm not sure about resources for this, but have you considered doing your own study or survey?
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    I don't think I'd be able to do a survey of any genuine value to be honest... ie. I think for example those kind of surveys where you approach people on the street and say "excuse me sir, how do you feel about popular science in the media?" are not worth very much.. people often don't say what they actually think and often don't even know what they actually think (I include myself in this! that is to say, I don't really know how popular science has influenced me really..)
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