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Research Scientist or Physicist

  1. Jun 15, 2011 #1
    I want to have some career advice from you all, let me first start with my background...

    I graduated from a BME program, and finished a PhD in MRI last year. I am currently a Research Scientist at a hospital. After working for almost a year, I found myself lacking ideas in doing research. To be more precised, I couldn't do what I wanted to do due to some political issues and/or physical constraints. And I found myself are becoming less and less competitive if I wish to go for faculty post (since for every paper I wrote, I am not the first author).

    Recently, I am considering applying medical physicist position elsewhere. The reason behind is that there're routine clinical duties and higher job security.

    Any comments?
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    The MRI medical physicists I know are expected to do research and have faculty positions. If you're talking about radiation oncology medical physics, you'll likely have to do some retraining to get into the field.
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    Yes, I am considering going into some resident training program for radiation oncology physicist.
    Any pros and cons for my decisions?
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