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I graduated in Telecommunications but I was more keen on programming/software related areas so worked as a Software Engineer for 2 years.

To pursue my masters I reached out to a professor and submitted a proposal related to an image processing frame work. I was accepted but when I enquired, he asked me to get thorough in optics may be because I did Telecommunications and image processing is related to optics as well.

I went through some books and brushed my memories in communications but found difficult to select a suitable research topic. Could you suggest a good research topic related to optics? I would prefer to a research more related to simulating/modelling (perhaps that explores some area in optics) rather than one that require lab experiments.



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This sounds more like the kind of question that you should talk about with your thesis advisor. What work as he done in the field and what interests does he have? What did he not like about the project you proposed?
Thanks for the reply.

My prof's research interests are mainly in optics and photonics.
some are:
Silicon optical amplifiers
Nano-wire lasers
Optical beam based cytometry

I was wondering whether you could suggest some particular area which requires modelling/simulation.

Since my knowledge in photonics/optics is quite limited(though I have reasonable background in electromagnetics/communication systems) I would really appreciate if you could point me in some direction so that I can discuss with my prof. further. For example if you have worked with these areas you may be able to point out some area that can be further explored.

Photonic crystals are interesting, but I don't know if your professor does any work in that area.

What kind of physics background do you have? Theoretical work in photonics and solid state optics isn't going to be a walk in the park.
Thank you very much.

I majored in telecommunications and I have a reasonable background in EM waves/communications systems/waveguides etc. though not much in semi conductor devices, silicon crystals.

What about some simulation/modelling of waveguides?

My prof is also interested in
Brillouin lasers and Raman amplifiers
Noninvasive sensing using near infra-red and Raman spectroscopy
Stress and strain induced optical anisotropy in biological cells and tissue

His work is mainly concentrated in simulation and theoretical modelling but not experimental work.

Really appreciate if you would point me in correct direction

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