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Research Topic help

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    I have to write a research paper for my English Class. I have chosen to do Research on Endangered Species. My research Topic is, "Are we doing a sufficient job of protecting Endangered Species?". I have gathered information from lots of places.

    Though, recently I became interested in viruses. I was wondering if it were possible to write a research paper on viruses. Like for instance my research topic would be, "Do viruses prove Natural Selection to be correct?" Or "Do viruses prove Evolution is true?". Since I have been doing some reading on Viruses that Mutate within a host, and viruses that Evolved. My idea is that the Mutation of a Virus is hard core proof that Evolution is true. That viruses may be non-living, but its the fact that viruses carrie DNA and RNA, thus these are the main ingredients needed to evolve. I believe that maybe they are the fastest in Evolution even though they are not living, but there DNA changes depending on the host. This would be reason there are so many different strains of viruses. Could this be a good research topic?

    We are also going to have to read about our research topic infront of the class, and I was hoping I could get the class fired up for debates and lots of responses from them. Is the research topic appropriate? I understand other people have religions, but Debating on it should be legal especially in a class room.

    Heres a site that has examples of research topics to understand more from what I am coming from: http://www.public.asu.edu/~jmeyer/topics.htm [Broken]
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    Why the hell would you post this in a physics site?
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    Its in a homework help thread. I dont see any problem with it.
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