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Research topic in non-euclid geo?-Help please

  1. Jan 7, 2007 #1
    research topic in non-euclid geo??--Help please!!

    hello! im a highschool junior trying to do an independent project in geometry and ive been reading about hyperbolic geometry--or non-euclid geo in general. i now have to pose a more specific research question within the topic and i really need some help!!

    i do not feel that i have enough knowledge/understanding to write a paper that is compeletely about hyperbolic geometry so i want to include some kindof relativity between non-euclid and euclid(which i have a better understanding of). i also find absolute(neutral) geometry interesting--just completely ignoring the troublesome parallel postulate!

    my biggest problem is that as it IS a research paper, it cant just be a list of facts that other people have discovered a long time ago. im not smart enough to come up w/ my own discovery or anything so im trying to at least include my own analysis and viewpoint. (how else can i be creative???)
    if you have any suggestions about the research question please please reply!
    thank you!
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