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Aerospace Research topic suggestion

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    i am a final year student of aerospace engineering. i am looking for topic suggestions for undergraduate research paper. i am interested in works of propulsion, but i am not able to pick any topic for research purpose in this field. any suggestion would be appreciated. thank you
    PS: topic may be from any field of aerospace and not necessarily be propulsion.
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    I've put dozens of ideas there, as "Enthalpy"
    maybe one fits your desire, like the electric helicopter.

    At "sailback boosters" you've an exotic idea, looking poetic, but which I consider a hard money-maker after re-thinking. Anyway, pressure-fed methane-oxygen is interesting by itself, for simplicity and performance.

    Atmospheric agility for spacecraft is making some buzz, but it's more for the military, alas. Titled "X-37B" there.

    The topic "Power plant for spacecraft" would be very useful to implement. Thermal Solar electricity, RTG, cryocoolers to store oxygen and even hydrogen indefinitely, and so on.

    Topic "Water bomber", just as its name says. Fun, useful.

    Topic "Vacuum aerostat". Completely useless, but at least it's difficult.
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