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Aerospace Research Trends

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    What would you say are the main focuses of research in aerospace engineering right now, specifically anything to do with aerodynamics or fluid mechanics in general. Is there a lot of research in new areas or is it mainly a lot of small tweaks in order to improve already existing systems? What do you see being the main research areas in the future?
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    Having done research in the field, it seems as if there is a lot money in aeroacoustics; basically developing tools to predict propagating sound and so on so forth.

    Doesn't seem like theres much more room to develop the jet engine any further...making it quieter though could allow jets to fly into airports at night.
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    smart material implementation? MSMA actuators? Skin roughness? None of these are being explored minger?

    In my opinion, answering post #1, most of engineering now adays is improvements on what we already have. Things are evolving and every time you think you come up with a good idea, its normally already taken and its really expensive, or people just shoot it down
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    Minger is pretty much right on from what I have seen. There are other areas to be certain, but aeroacoustics seems pretty darned big right now. There will always be research in materials (especially composites), alternative fuels, emissions reductions and other areas but the OP asked for the main hitters.
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    Is there much buzz on electric ducted fans?
    Seems like there'd be some crossover from all the grant money going into electric ground vehicles and batteries.

    Edit: Or if not, what do folks see as the main problems with ducted fan technology in aviation?
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