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Researchers: I need help

  1. Jun 2, 2009 #1
    ...locating a National Geographic article.

    Fifteen to twenty years ago I found an article in a National Geographic I'd bought at a used book store about a modern day practitioner of the ancient technique of trephination. This was the medicine man of a still fairly primitive tribe. I don't remember what country the tribe lived in, but I recall from the photographs that he was African looking. That, then, might also include such places as Madagascar and New Guinea, but rules out such places as South America and Asia.

    The search is hindered by the fact that this particular article was a special "rush" job. They said they hadn't planned to include it in the issue, but appended it at the last minute. As you're going through the magazine you find it unexpectedly at the back. It isn't mentioned on the cover or in the table of contents. That out-of-character "rushing" is the main reason I ever remembered the article. Later, when I started getting interested in the brain, I regretted not paying more attention to the contents of the article, and having ultimately thrown the issue out when reorganizing stuff.

    I'm going to venture from my recollection of the quality of the photos that the article did not appear before 1960, and was no later than 1990.

    Any help tracking it down it would be appreciated.
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