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Researching possible careers

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    Can anyone tell what exactly quantum physics is? Thanks I really appreciate it.
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    Well, nobody can "exactly" tell you what quantum physics is firstly because there's always a degree of "uncertainty" :biggrin: , and secondly nobody really "understand" quantum physics :blushing: ...

    Anyway, to put it in simpliest term, quantum physics is the study of matter on a molecular, atomic and sub-atomic level.
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    Quantum is Latin for particle. So Quantum physics or Quantummechanics really is the theory that described the properties of particles and their interactions. We can describe atomic nuclei with QM and also molecules...We can describe lasers and several other subjects of optics with it and this goes on and on and on...


    read my journal for more info and check out this info on the web entry for some nice links. (I think it is on the very first page of the journal and look at the last link. It covers various topics related to physics)
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    It's weird, that's what it is. :yuck:

    No problem. :cool:
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