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Researching stuff, help.

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    I'm researching the fallicies of our Public School System and Government in America.

    I'm looking for a book similar to Lost Rights(forgot author, look for it yourself), factual failures in the government.

    Any help? Thanks if ya do! ^_^
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    You might also consider visiting Michael Moore's website. The word "factual" is a stretch in his case, but it sounds like you'll find what you want.
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    http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/reports/no-child-left-behind.html [Broken]

    http://nclb2.ecs.org/Projects_Centers/index.aspx?issueid=gen&IssueName=General [Broken]

    or google on "NCLB" or "No child left behind".
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    NCLB was perfect, thank you. ^_^

    And the author of Lost Rights is James Bovard, who also wrote other stuff, which I'm also going to look at.
    Ty again ^_^
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