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Residuals (for 2 values)

  1. Oct 18, 2013 #1
    Let's say I have a 2 variable data set x and y.
    The linear fit through the line is some y(x). Let's say y=x for simplicity.

    So a residual is defined as the actual value minus the estimated value (using y).

    My question is, let's say for one x value there are two y values.
    e.g., for x=2; y=4 and y=6

    If you wanted to calculate the residual at x=2, would you have two separate values or is there someway to combine it?
    The estimated value would be y=2.
    residuals are: 2-4 and 2-6, which is -2 and -4. So in other words do you add the two values?
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    You should count them as two separate residuals. To do otherwise would overestimate the goodness of fit.
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