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Resistance and Phasors?

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    Resistance and Phasors???

    Hi Im a Mechanical engineer but Im taking a module in electrical, which isnt my strong point. Please can someone explain the differnce between bilateral and unilateral resistance and what is a good website to help me understand phasors and sinusoidal quantities.
    Thanks x
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    Probably wikipedia.org has some info on phasors. I'm not familiar with the terms bilateral and unilateral resistance. Can you provide some context for those terms?
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    You can define a resistor as a device in which voltage and current are related to each other at any instant. The relationship is called the characteristic of the resistor.
    By this definition, an ohmic resistor, a diode or a voltage source can all be considered resistors.
    A bilateral resistor is one whose characteristic curve is symmetrical in relation to the origin. An ohmic resistor is bilateral, a diode is not.
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