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Resistance diagram help

  1. Sep 30, 2006 #1
    what is the total resistance of the cube if each edge hv six ohm ?
    help me plz
    i dont know how to draw a simple diagram
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    Number the corners from 1 to 8. As you construct the resistance network on paper between the nodes (corners) keep track of your progress by scribbling each edge on the cube out as you make the connections on paper.
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    total resistance of a cube each edge having six ohm resistance is 30 ohm(In case of equivalant resistance calculated between opposite corners).
    It means 5*R .where R is the resistance of one edge of cube.

    To draw the diagram for the above problem , start from one corner with i current and dividing it according to kirchoff's law on each node. by this way go to the last node (desired corner).

    Now calculate voltage drop on each edge( v = i*r). Sum up all voltage drops and divide by initial current i. By this way you can calculate equivalant resistance between desired corners of the cube.

    If you still have any problem mail me.
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