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Homework Help: Resistive Force Formula help

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    I'm looking for the formula for resistive force that involves "air density, speed of object, and cross-sectional area." I also need to know why it is an important factor in determinging air resistance, and include aerodynamics, drag coefficient, and terminal speed-how they relate to one another. Also how these play out in real life as in cars and airplanes.

    -PLEASE ANY WEB SIGHT OF HELP YOU CAN GIVE IS APPRECIATED, beucase this is due soon!! :uhh:
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    Tom Mattson

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    CamDaBballer11, I am fully aware you go to Heritage High and am also quite aware of young students who choose to abuse the internet for completion of assignments. My assignment was not to ask someone for the answer, it was to independently research the topic and to come to your own conclusions. You will be receiving a failing grade for the quarter and I expect a written apology and explanation on my desk next week.

    There is no excuse for deliberately disobeying my directions and attempting to cheat. And yes, I do know who you are due to student information sheets and IP logs. Do not attempt to circumvent your punishment, you are already in enough trouble.
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