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Homework Help: Resistiverty of a house brick

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    Will somebody please help me i'v got to design an experiment to test the electrical resistance of a house brick between 20 and 800oc, and i dont know where to start or look :cry: all i know is that wires can be connected to the brick by the use of conductive paint
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    Andrew Mason

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    You will need a high voltage in order to get any current at all. The problem is that in order to determine the appropriate voltage, you need to know the order of magnitude of the resistance of the brick, so you need to do some initial tests with different voltages to determine that. How would you do that?

    In order to measure current, I would suggest you consider measuring the rate of temperature change of the brick and relate that to the electrical power. You would have to determine the heat capacity of the brick first. How would you do those things?

    To do it for different temperatures, you could just use the electrical power to heat the brick and measure the power consumption as a function of heat of the brick. With enough voltage you might be able to get it to 800 deg. C. Do you know how you could measure the heat energy of the brick? Have you used calorimeters?

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    Heating the brick to 800 deg. C. would be too dangerous and you will have to take this into consideration for your plan. What you can do is heat the brick to a lower temperature, eg. 200 deg. C. and then draw a graph and extrapolate it out to the required temperatures.
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