Resistivity of NiCu

  1. I am very sorry because this post seems spammy, but I cannot, for the life of me, find the resistivity of NiCu alloy.
    My lab has it as 35*10^8 Ω*m, and when i compare my calculated value of resistance to the theoretical it is off by a factor of 10. This causes me to think that there is a typo and it should be 3.5*10^8…
    Could someone please confirm this?
    I cannot find it by googling (and I've been trying for the past hour or so).
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  3. It will depend on the composition of the alloy.
    But it seems that the 35x10^8 is the right order of magnitude, according to the values given by Wiki.
  4. Both of you actually mean 35 * 10-8 Ωm (note the sign), don't you?
  5. Yes, you are right. At least I meant negative 8.:)
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