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Resistor for Headlight

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    Long story short, I am college student with limited capital. My high beam went out on my 2008 VW rabbit and melted the headlight enclosure. The cost to fix the unit is $500 which I do not want to spend for a head light. The bulb is a 12v 55w unit. There is a bulb out light I would like to get rid of on my dash and was thinking of putting a resistor in its place to trick the system. I tried a 10ohm resistor but it just started smoking and didn't fix the problem. Does anyone have any ideas of what resistor I should use to fix this problem? any help would be most appreciated!
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    The remedy for this predicament is; don't drive the car (because it would probably be breaching some regulation or other). Then the light on the dash won't bother you.

    Sell it, and use the money to pay for bus tickets.
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    Put a piece of tape over the dash light and forget it.
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    Try your local scrap car dealers. You can probably get "pre-owned" replacement unit for a lot less than $500.
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