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Resistor network

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    hey guys I have been given a piece of equipment to fix, that is not charging its battery. I am trying to map out its small circuit board to try and understand what it is thinking so i can figure out what isn't working.

    I am having trouble tracking down the resistor network specs so I can draw them into the circuit.

    they are 8 pin SIP package with a yellow epoxy coating. there are 3 of them the only writing on the outside says
    "DALE 3-1001F 9034"
    "DALE 3-1003F 9028"
    and a 6 pin SIP package
    "GX-1-103 9044"

    There is also a large disc capacitor in the power input line labeled "PTC1" on the board
    its writing says "BC4D MEXICO" on one side, and "X50V X250" on the other side of the disc

    I can take pictures if it would help

    thanks guys
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    DALE is a big resistor company, go on to their website and look for the part!!! If you cannot find it, email to their application engineer, they'll answer your question.
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    What you are calling a disk capacitor is not a capacitor. It is a Positive Temp Coeficient thermistor being used as a self resetting fuse. That is why the legend calls it PTC1.
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