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Homework Help: Resistor uncertainty

  1. Nov 15, 2006 #1
    my question is that i have two resistors that are combined to form an equivalent resistance of 1000 ohms. Now there are two common resistors rated at 500 plus/minus 50 ohms and two others rated at 2000 ohms plus/minus 5%. I need to know what combo (series or parallel) would provide the smaller uincertainty in the equivalent 1000 ohm resistance???
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    This is probably a homework question as manufacturers usually don't spec tolerance in this way. so...

    what have you tried so far? do you have an opinion?
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    Thread moved to homework forum.

    the_d, just do the math to figure it out. Do the combinations of resistors that are at the extreme +/- of their tolerances. What answer do you get?
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