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Resit GCSE english?

  1. Aug 25, 2006 #1
    I was wondering...say if i wanted to apply for a phD at oxbridge (ok im being a bit ambitious), would my GCSE results be looked at?...i mean would they be significantly important?
    beacause my english lang/lit GCSE isn't good..C/C but that was on a very bad day and i thought i actually failed english. . I was wondering if i should resit...best time would be during the first year, because i've heard most things are repeated A level i could get away with B for maths GCSE i guess, because of A in A level.
    And even if i just managed just to improve to BB then i'd still be apply to good unis.
    my GCSE
    5A* (phys, chem, bio, ICT, astronomy)
    1A (art)
    2B (math, french)
    3C (english lang/lit, welsh short course)

    1A AS: bio
    3As A2: math,chem,phys

    Plus ill have an MPhys degree (hopefully else i wouldn't be going for a phD)

    (got nothing much to do except think about silly little things like this)

    so should i resit english lang/lit GCSE?
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    Hi, Im starting a PhD this year and I dont actually remeber having to put down any of my GCSE results, they are interested in your ability at Physics, not your interpretation of Simon Armitage! The forms are online for most universities if you wanted to check, but I wouldnt worry, just get on with physics! And enjoy your time at uni!
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    I have a PhD from a top UK university - your GCSEs are better than mine... tho' I didn't work very hard in those days :biggrin:

    In fact, my school grades are shocking :biggrin:

    They'll never look at them.
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    If you've got A-C in maths, science and English, you're ok. But you won't be getting a Ph.D from Oxbridge with anything less than As at A level. Don't worry about your GCSEs, they're all fine.
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    I got into Natsci at Cambridge (undergraduate) and I have C/C in english GCSE, so i wouldn't worry.
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