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Resize RAID in-place?

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    I have a server with a RAID drive. I intended to set up two logical drives but ended up only defining one by mistake. I set up Windows Server 2003 on it and have been using it for some time now. But, surprise surprise, I've decided I need the capacity of the remainder of the drive. Is there a non-destructive way to enlarge it?

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     WS2003                           Unpartitioned space
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    I don't know of any tools in server that will do it but you can painlessly resize with most linux boot disks (just stop before the actually installing linux step!)
    Or you can buy some util like partition magic (if they are still around)

    The raid makes it more interesting, I would break the raid, repartition the drives and then restart raid. You can even just wipe the second drive and let raid rebuild it.
    A couple of gotchas, if this is a raid card (rather than the built-in software raid) it may store the drive geometry itself - in which case find it's management util.

    It would be safer to buy a single new drive and swap that with the second drive, rebuild the raid and you still have a copy in case of any 'oops'
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    If I understand you correctly your limit is the fact that you have defined a logical drive on your raid card to be somewhat less than the total available space, yes?

    Based on my experience with Compaq/HP servers it depends upon the capability of the raid card ... some raid cards can expand a logical drive others can't and if it can't you're basically buggered and have to take the long way round i.e. image/backup the drive, create a new logical partition and then restore. That's not as bad as it sounds given that you would be well advised to do a backup prior to expanding the partition anyway.

    If however your raid card DOES support logical drive expansion the stages are (or were for me) as follows:

    1. Restart the server and, in the raid card BIOS, redefine the partition size ... boot back to Windows and theoretically Windows should now be able to see the additional space as unused disk space.
    2. Reboot the system using software capable of expanding partitions ... there are a number of open source utilities such as (IIRC) gparted but I've had display issues with some of those and my current preference is Windows ERD and from a CMD console:
    3. Type "DISKPART", "List volume", "Select volume 1" (the one that is "C"), "Extend" ( you should see "DiskPart successfully extended the volume.") and finally "Exit" (and close console).
    And theoretically it's done (finger's crossed).

    The only other option I can think of is to:
    • Create a second logical drive
    • Make the boot drive and new drive dynamic which, again IIRC, means the partitions on it become volumes (er ... I think).
    • Increase the size of the boot volume onto a new volume of the *new* drive

    Not even sure if any of that last can be done but I hope some of the above helps :)

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    I came across the same problem and finally get solved by google it and find the detailed step by step instructions here http://www.partition-tool.com/resource/resize-raid-partition.htm
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    Thanks you! I've backed up the drive and will probably attempt this tomorrow.
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    As long as you have the backup the worse (worst?) it can be is inconvenient so good luck :)

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    Such an easy problem, I use easeus partition master to solve this problem, it support raid and protect the data completely. You just need to drag on the disk map, very easy to use, I just uprage to version 4.0, great, it can enlarge the system partition without reboot.
    In a word, you can enlarge the partition without any complex works, without downtime. it is helpful, you may check http://www.partition-tool.com/easeus-partition-manager/extend-ntfs-system-partition-without-reboot.htm" [Broken]
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    i 've heard that partition magic has been a free good partition tool, but not sure whether it can support raid, since it hasnt been upgraded for a long time.
    while partition master and partition master is an alternative for that.
    i personally like partition master because of the good features and lower price.
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