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Resolve/C++ text operations

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    i am faced with some homework in Resolve/C++ and encountered several problems

    Code (Text):
            t1 = #t1 * #t2
    -what do the pound signs before the variables mean?
    -what does it mean when one text "*" another text?

    hope someone can help. cant really find much resolve/C++ help online. thanks!
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    # is reserved for the preprossor.
    Either there is a definition somewhere that says #define t1 = "blah" or somehow the code has got screwed up in the email / web page.

    Multiplying text can mean whatever you overload the operator to mean. Text * a number might reasonably mean repeat the text 'number' times but multiplying text * text is probably a silly thing to do.
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    #t1 is the previous value of t1.
    If t1 is originally "cat", then t1 = #t1 + #t1 means t1 will be "catcat"
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