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Resonace of dimensions?

  1. Nov 4, 2006 #1
    I am wondernig if anyone has thought of this or what you think of this idea. String Theory purports some 11 dimensions. I have heard of the idea of two large dimensions (Guth) rubbing together to make universes. Also that dimensions exist all around us, squeezed down. Being in three dimensions we realize definate, if I may, shape. So the other dimensions may also carry this 'shape' realization. With the idea of dimensions rubbing, could the larger dimension(s) be blowing through the smaller dimensions, thus creating a resonace. Further, is this a resonace which may create strings of energy? I liken it to a musical instrument with which wind is blown through, changing seemingly no resonace into more viable, pliable resonace. If true, what bearing would the shape of the squeezed dimensions, amplitude of the larger dimension and our relationship have to cosmology? Could this interaction of dimensins dial in the values of the four forces?
    I am really a novice, so go easy please...
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