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Resonance pde wave equation u(\phi,t) involving lagrange polynomials

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    1/sin(phi) * d/d\phi(sin(phi) * du/d\phi) - d^2u/dt^2 = -sin 2t

    for 0<\phi < pi, 0<t<\inf

    Init. conditions:

    u(\phi,0) = 0
    du(\phi,0)/dt = 0 for 0<\phi<pi

    How do I solve this problem and show if it exhibits resonance?

    the natural frequencies are w = w_n = sqrt(/\_n) =2, correct?
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    Can u use the LaTex code...?Just type it using [ tex ] ...[ /tex ] (without the spaces,of course) and the compiler will do the rest.

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