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Resonant frequency

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    Though not a science student, I am very interested in reading about scientific matters and speculating about life in all its forms, especially form the scientific point of view. Found out about this site when looking for any information on "resonating frequencies in human body". A very interesting thing, and I found answers here to a dream(or rather a nightmare) on human resonance that I had in the 80's (and which has been bothering me ever since). Care to hear about that?
    And who am I? A woman in her fifties from Helsinki, Finland who marvels at the scientific advances that we humans make - if ever so slowly...
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    Welcome to PF!
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    The thread that I was reading here in Physics Forums is now a closed one, started by RylanW. He mentions there how resonant frequencies could be used e.g. in sonic weaponry, but also in music that could make your knees feel weird or cause hallucination. The sonic weaponry is something I can identify with...
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    Please post your question in the topical forum
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