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Resonant tunneling diode

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    Hello :) ,

    Does anyone know some good paper or book from were it's possible to learn physics behind of work of resonant tunneling diode(RTD)? In last semester I had course in ˝microelectronics and nanoelectronics˝ and we studied basic principle on which RTD works, and it was very interesting to me, so I would like to learn more about it. I asked professor for some additional literature, but I had nothing from there.

    So if someone have some suggestion, please tell me about it :).

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    Sounds interesting. A Google search gives lots of hits -- you probably have seem most of them by now. There's a book at Amazon on the first page of hits that may be of help:


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    Thanks :) , I saw it. But there is a problem with that, because I don't have that much money for that :( , and I don't live in western countries so I don't think it could be sent to me, here in Serbia :(
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    Ebay offers wide selection of used books with a cheap price, and worldwide delivery within 2 weeks
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    OK, obviously I'am not well informed about that, so I'll see about that. Thanks!
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