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Resonator Lab Questions

  1. Feb 4, 2012 #1
    Lab part I: We had to work with resonators. Huge box! Lowered a solid glass sphere into the box and measured the distance from the lid to the sphere. Varied the distance and measured the resonance frequency at the varies distances.

    Q: ∆f =f(at distance x) - fr , fr = resonance frequency of the box without sphere.
    You will find that ∆f varies periodically with x. (1) why? (2) What is the r/s between period in ∆f and λ of resonant f.

    Attempt: I was thinking...prob has to do with mode?
    Anyway the graph I got was a sine curve.

    Part II:
    Q: we used a slotted sphere. i.e a sphere with lots of slots. using a polar graph paper we managed to measure the angle of the tilt of the sphere. It is said that when the slots are orthogonal to the axis of resonator, then the slotted sphere acts like a solid sphere. When slots are parallel to axis, it causes small shift from resonant f. (1) why?

    Attempt:Graph I got was a sine curve with little spikes at the tip, as the sine curve reaches the minimum and goes back up, it dips a little and goes up again.

    Thank you! (:
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