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Resource Access Control Facility In Physics

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    Resource Access Control Facility In Physics
    Understanding the law of quantum law why somethings can be bent and some cannot leads you too one answer quantum law is based on frequency
    picture a circle. Each dot outside the circle is a law and everything can be computed with in that cirlce because of knowing and understanding the law

    more @ www.beyond-science.com [Broken] Here are some more and sample send me a theory that isn't possible please. b=d/t

    Theory of everything is knowing the quantum address of all matter in our quantum tunnel. That a magnetic frequence at such a magnitude that it finds all dimensions around. Every opposing reaction has an unseen opposite reaction (refraction) of light. Wave Length - Gravity -Light - mass - Wave Lengths. (THEY ARE ALL INTERCHANGEABLE)" .

    2.The most powerful question to ask A.I is
    3.Our D.N.A contains a book the Code of life!
    4.The periodic table of quantum energy.
    5.Advance technology beyond area 51
    6.Is there a D.N.A Echelon
    7.What is the theory of qunatum R.O.M.?
    8.Quantum replicator, One millionth of a 1nm with one billion circuits of a neural network that fits on 1nm 3 dimensional block that is connected to over 900 trillion nanos that all are connected to the same nano neural network that understands the theory of quantum chaos and can replicate any thing and everything in our universe the the theory of everything!!

    9.Omega partial The atomic structure by means of centrifugal motion is turned inside out. The mathematics are based on quantum physics but not the structure and a new quantum physics is formed.
    the spun into light image a atom moving so fast on the outside of the circle it turns into a ball of light!!! Resource Access Control Facility In Physics
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    Its not so much that you went off the deep end, its just that there never was a shallow end.
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