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Resources for ancient papers?

  1. Apr 10, 2013 #1
    Hey all,

    I was looking for some older papers by Einstein and De Sitter from around 1916 and my search is coming up blank. Google (Scholar) is not returning anything useful, the journal archives don't go nearly so far back, the particular volumes are not on archive.org, and even my local libraries don't seem to have them. Does anyone know of any other reliable sources for these old papers?
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    Can you give the reference you're using to find it?

    When you say journal archives, do you mean databases like inspec?
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    After a lot of bouncing around on Google, I found some of the papers in random locations, but am still looking for some of Einstein's:

    Einstein A, (1916) Approximate integration of the field equations of gravitation. Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften (Berlin) 688–696.

    and also his 1915 GR paper (on the perihelion of Mercury.)

    By journal archives I meant going to the journal's website, if they have one, and consulting their archive of old issues.
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    Thanks, SteamKing. They don't appear to have digital versions of these papers, though.
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    Scans of the Einstein Annalen der Physik papers are at http://einstein-annalen.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/related_texts/sitzungsberichte. Wiley has the 1916 Foundation paper as pdf at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/andp.19163540702/pdf.

    A translation and scan of the original German version of the Mercury paper is at http://www.gsjournal.net/old/eeuro/vankov.pdf. I haven't read the comments added by that author and I'm not familiar with the journal, so I can't comment on their quality.
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    Thanks, fzero! Just what I needed! I actually came across the Vankov paper, but hadn't noticed that the original was attached... :redface:
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    My school's science and engineering library has the complete collected works of many scientists. I suggest you search there for these things if you go to university.
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