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Restart without my permission

  1. Mar 15, 2004 #1
    it's driving me crazy.....

    anyone knows how can i prevent my windows xp from restarting??

    there are situations when you click some button in some window and it
    restarts the system without asking first

    everything is fine with windows no virusesand restart is more or less expected

    why i say "more or less"?

    for example 2 minutes ago i uninstalled some windows component wich i got from windows update site and now i don't need it... so uninstall finished and message box appeared saying something like "i probably will need to restart my computer" and only one button "OK' on it.
    so i hit ok assuming that the system will pop up messege box to ask me if i want to restart now or later...
    but instead windows restarted with no care that i have a bunch of programs working...

    so i looking for some way to prevent restart that already begun or to force system in all cases explicitly ask my permission to restart
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    It sounds like your specified operating system is working exzctly as it was made to ( yes I use windows also )
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    I've been using Windows XP for 3 years and I've never had such a problem.

    Not to insult your intelligence but is it possible that you have a trojan or worm?
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    Wormhole, as you've discovered, changes that you make to settings, installing new software, etc... will often require windows to restart before they can take affect.

    And as you mentioned, usually you will get a pop up box with the option to restart later, but apparantly not always.

    It's usually a good idea to save and close out of whatever you are doing before you do these things otherwise you could lose unsaved information.

    I know it's a nuisance if you are doing a lot, but a little planning ahead and patience on your part is your best bet.
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    Um.. you could've closed your programs befóre hitting the 'OK' button? I know though.. it can be annoying. I was working on a windows 98 computer not too long ago, but I wrote it off for the scrap yard. It used to crash on me every 15 min and it would take about the same time to get it running again
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    Yeah Windows 98 sucked. I used to keep a log of how often it crashed. It averaged about 3 times per day and the most common thing that would happen is when the screen goes all blue with no words. With BSOD you get words telling you to do something, but my computer would just go blue with no words. Sometimes it would also just go all black.
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