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Restoreing Force?

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    Hey so i'm beginning to study GR and i am at the point of gravity being deformations in the 4 dimensional geometry of spacetime.

    Say there is an object traveling through spacetime with a velocity and the object is large enough to create a deformation in the space around it (an asteroid for example). Now at one point in time the asteroid is at a point in space, warping the the spacetime around it (point A). Now at a later time the asteroid in at a different position in space, warping that space time (Point B).

    When the asteroid is at point B then the space at point A has returned to it original "normal" geometry.

    My question is what force/energy is responsible for restoring the spacetime at Point A to its original form?

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    Spacetimes do not warp and unwarp in time, time is a integral component of spacetime.
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